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Terms Of Service (TOS):
This is a free service to promote live entertainment in central Illinois, so as long as that is what you're doing, everything should be hunky-dory. But just in case someone comes up with something we didn't foresee, we reserve the right to delete anything for any reason. In return for this service, we only ask that you add a link back on your website, or put the website url in your facebook status occasionally - or at least think nice thoughts of us once in awhile. More links = more visitors = more people will see your events.

There are two types of users, Venues and Bands. The user pages are customized for each application. If you are going to be entering events for more than one venue, just sign in. Special accounts can be set up for venues. When you sign in, you will automatically be taken to the correct page. The white zone is for loading - and unloading - only.

There are two levels of users - New and Trusted. New users listings will be reviewed before they are displayed on the website. Listings are generally reviewed on a daily basis, though we recommend getting your dates in the schedule at least a couple of weeks before your event. That helps a lot when it comes to a search engine finding your listing. After a few listings, new users are switched to Trusted.
Trusted users listings are displayed immediately (Well, it takes a few seconds on my computer).

We will not sell, trade, loan nor spindle your email address. Mainly because we don't know anyone who would pay us for it and we're a little confused as to the physics of the last one. Seriously, we just ask for it in case you forget your user name or password. We don't send out "what's new" updates or anything like that.

No one from CentralIllinoisEntertainment.com will ever call you and ask for your banking information, credit card number or Swiss Bank Transaction codes. There isn't even a place to put in your phone number on our site. So if you get a call like that - well, that's gotta be pretty weird. We recommend hanging up.

If you are not yet a member, please
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Lastly, we reserve the right to change this TOS. Preferably into a six-pack, but there's that physics problem again.

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